Staying in a Florida Vacation Villa

If you are looking for the best deal, then booking with Disney Villas Florida will always give you a better price than a travel agent.  Along with the personal service, you will also know exactly which villa you will be renting.  Again, this is something a travel agent will not be able to promise and more often than not, your villa will be allocated upon arrival.

Why should I stay in a villa rather than a hotel?

Starting with the obvious - space and privacy.  Instead of being confined to a restrictive hotel room, you will have all the comforts of home and much more.  There will be separate bedrooms, a living area to relax for watching television, a dining area and kitchen.  With added extras like games consoles, pool tables, barbecues and wireless Internet the whole family will be catered for.  As each villa has laundry facilities, there is no need to over-pack and less chance of being charged for overweight baggage.  The list goes on and we have not even mentioned your own private swimming pool and sun-beds.

How do I find my ideal villa ?

Disney Villas Florida lists villas by the number of bedrooms, by community, by general location, whether they border golf courses, accept pets and even nearest to the theme parks.  We also provide the best map of the Orlando, Kissimmee and Walt Disney World area, which shows the villa communities, theme parks, attractions, golf courses, shopping outlets, post offices, business centres, airports and hospitals.  This map will give you an idea of the area, as well as allow you to see live traffic, street views of the actual communities and confirm routes between destinations.  There is a Property Shortlist where you can keep track and compare vacation villas that you like.

What about a private pool and what direction is best?

Many of the villas listed on Disney Villas Florida have their own private pool with possibly a spa or hot tub.  When selecting a villa with a private pool, there is a belief that south facing is best.  This is not necessarily the case, as all pools are built for sun-bathing.  South facing pools will generally attract the sun for the majority of the day, however, depending on buildings alongside, privacy fencing and covered areas, they may offer no more than non-south facing pools.  With any pool, always consider the strength of the Florida sun and bear in mind that children and small babies will need a covered area for their protection.

For cooler months, it may be possible to heat the pool (to around 86F) for an extra charge.  Where a villa does not have a private pool, there will be a resort or communal pool.  These tend to be bigger, have amenities alongside (like a bar) and provide the chance to meet other guests.

Enquiring about a Villa

Where you would like more details about a villa - including a price for your stay - simply enter your contact details and the dates you are looking to stay on the villa enquiry form.  Enquiries are sent directly to the owner.  With no obligation to book any villa which you enquire about, you can send as many enquiries as need be. There is also an All Villas Enquiry page which can be used to contact the owners of all villas listed on Disney Villas Florida.
What happens after I enquire about a villa?

Where you enquire specifically for a villa, then the owner will always reply to confirm whether your dates are available or not.  Alternatively, where you opt to include other villa owners in your enquiry e.g. All 3 bedroom villas, only those owners who can accommodate your dates are likely to reply.  This avoids you receiving unnecessary e-mails and provides you with a shortlist of villas for your visit.  The Property Shortlist or the Recently Viewed list can be used to keep track of which villas are available.

Who will receive my details?

Disney Villas Florida adheres to the Advertising Standards Agency guidelines, so your details are only ever sent to the owners of the villas that you select.  We do not forward your details on to other villa owners and your details are never disclosed to third parties.

What does 'Wheelchair Accessible' mean?

Vacation villas which are 'wheelchair accessible' are deemed suitable for persons in a wheelchair or with limited mobility.  This may entail a ramp for entry, low level bathing or shower cubicle and wide doors.  For full details regarding wheelchair access, always contact the owner of the villa to confirm suitability.

What if I need more information about a villa?

Once you receive a response back from the villa owners, you will be able to contact them directly.  Before that, all you need to do is enter your contact details, preferred dates and any questions on the enquiry form.&nbps; Then opt which villa owners to send it.

Booking a Villa

To book a villa, first you need to send an enquiry to the owners of those villas which are suitable.  Once you receive confirmation of the price and availability for your dates, all you need to do is respond back to confirm that you would like to book.  It is that straightforward.

Booking a villa typically involves completing a booking form and payment of a deposit to secure your dates.  Until payment is received, the owner will provisionally hold the dates for you (which means no one else can book them).  When booking, the owner will make you aware of the terms and conditions of booking their villa.  Should you have any questions relating to the booking procedure, they must be addressed directly to the owner.  Booking a vacation villa is just like any other trip and the Disney Villas Florida team would always recommend that you have suitable travel insurance in the event of any cancellation.

Do I book direct with the owner?

All bookings are made direct with the villa owner and under their terms and conditions.  Disney Villas Florida acts as a referral site to the owners of the listed villas, with any rental agreement always being undertaken between the owner and renter.  Disney Villas Florida is not responsible for the terms and conditions associated with booking a specific villa.  In accordance with the Advertising Standards Authority, owners are responsible for the accuracy of their adverts.

Community Information

Community information is compiled by the Disney Villas Florida team and through contributions by other villa owners.  Distances to the theme parks, attractions and popular destinations are taken from Google Maps - based on an arbitrary point in the community. Facilities and local area information is referenced from a number of sources including personal visits and dedicated websites.  As the area is considerable, when referring to 'local shops and restaurants', it is not so much within walking distance, but a very short drive i.e. around 2-3 miles away.

How are the driving distances calculated and where are they taken to?

For accuracy, all listed mileages are taken from Google Maps to specific destination points, using the suggested driving route and are not biased to any community.  Distances from the villa communities will factor in nearby shops, eateries and major supermarkets (WalMart, Publix and Target).  For golf clubs, only public courses are listed.

As Walt Disney World Resort has a number of separate theme parks spread around it, a central point of Downtown Disney has been used. This is where the shops, bars, restaurants and shows are located.  For some villa communities, individual Walt Disney World parks may be closer, however take note that the gates of Disney are sometimes the quoted reference point - which is fine, except they may 5 or 10 minutes away from the attractions or visited areas.

About Disney Villas Florida

At Disney Villas Florida, we offer our experience over the past 25 years as both owners and renters of vacation villas in the Orlando, Kissimmee and Walt Disney World area. Throughout the area there are countless fantastic vacation villas which can be rented.  Each will be slightly different - some will have their own private pools, others will have resort pools - but they will make sure your visit to the area is memorable for all the right reasons.

Rather than provide just a list of villas, Disney Villas Florida provide impartial reviews with the added insight of the villa locality.  For an area in excess of 400 square miles, surely you want to know whether there are shops and restaurants nearby.  Also what are the best routes to the theme parks and attractions.

Disney Villas Florida will always confirm that a vacation villa is legitimate before being included on the website.  Thereafter, we undertake periodic audits and also request that ownership of villas is verified on a six monthly basis.  We are here to make sure you can book a villa with confidence.

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